Which software for the daily construction report?

I am a building site supervisor and I'm searching for a good program to
document the processes of the construction site.
I search for something, where I can put in the names of the companys and
crafts, so that I have an easy access to them to create a list of the
employees at the site and document the duration of attendance for each
company, and delays, hindrance, instructions and so on.
Can someone help me?
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Kai Hofberg
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There are dozens of programs. Just one example:
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George P
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Wolltest Du etwas auf deutsch oder auf englisch?(Bin ein Elektriker)
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Tzortzakakis Dimitrios
If it's something like MS Project you're looking for try this:
formatting link
Oh and it's FREE!
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Notepad, MS Write, Open Office, MS Word
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I need something in english language
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Kai Hofberg
Try asking in a project management NG.
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Definitely check out MasterBuilder. Also, Microsoft Project would be good.
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