Scorbot ER-III - which teach pendant?

Hi all,

I am building my little robotics hobby lab here and the Eshed Robotec's equipment seems well suited for the task and (relatively) inexpensively available at eBay. However, I'm having no luck locating a compatible teach pendant for the controller(s) I have. I actually have no less than three different controllers, none usable given the lack of pendant and as yet a working PC connection. I have one with the slanted front and RS-232 PC connector, one larger one with a panic button and a proprietary DB50(?) connection for PC (and I don't have the PC card, bummer...) as well as one with a panic button and a USB connection for PC. So, I've searched the documentation and for some reason I cannot positively identify a pendant's model number each controller type would need. I seem to have two pendant types I would need - a one with DB25 RS232 and a one with RJ12 (6P6C). The manuals keep referring to the pendants not by their own part numbers but by their corresponding controller type, which, in turn I also cannot positively identify. So, you get a teach pendant "For Controller-B". No where in the manuals the controller seems to be referred to by a letter, so, as you can see, I'm now thoroughly confused.

Are there any Eshed Robotec (Depco, Intelitek, whatever other names they were sold under) users that can direct my search for a proper teach pendant to the right direction? Thanks!      

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