Robots - they're cute...until they kill

"How to Survive a Robot Uprising - Tips on Defending Yourself Against
the Coming Rebellion" by Daniel Wilson (
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) - If popular culture has
taught us anything, it is that someday mankind must face and destroy
the growing robot menace. In print and on the big screen we have been
deluged with scenarios of robot malfunction, misuse, and outright
rebellion. Robots have descended on us from outer space, escaped from
top-secret laboratories, and even traveled back in time to destroy us.
Today, scientists are working hard to bring these artificial creations
to life. In Japan, fuzzy little real robots are delivering much
appreciated hug therapy to the elderly. Children are frolicking with
smiling robot toys. It all seems so innocuous. And yet how could so
many Hollywood scripts be wrong? So take no chances. Arm yourself with
expert knowledge. For the sake of humanity, listen to serious advice
from real robotics experts. How else will you survive the inevitable
future in which robots rebel against their human masters?
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