Gas Forge and Propane

There is only one type of gas forge for the blacksmith. It is the kind
that I have. I didn't invent it; Hans Peot did.
Just today I compiled everything that I could about that forge and
more gas forge stuff, including things about trying to design a better
forge, even though there isn't any point to that at all.
I even made up a bunch of stuff about propane in general, just to
give y'all something to chew on.
The following link will take you to that area of my website:
formatting link

I can't imagine anyone wanting to argue with me about my own personal
feelings or findings on this subject, so I suppose no one will post any
replies to this one.
Pete Stanaitis
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Counterpoint for those who would like to hear the other side:
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Todd (Who's venturi forge is only about 10 years old, and has no problem reaching welding heat with it)
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Todd Rich

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