Harbour freight Gas welding kit advice

I would like some advice on the gas welding kit that is available form
harbor freight. Can some one tell me if it is good or bad. Thanks
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Blacksmithing link I want to be able to do wrapping and so this looks
like a good buy as I will be able to do some cutting as well.
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It looks like a pretty complete startup kit. Price seems reasonable. Probably Chinese made so there's no telling what the quality is but H.F. is fair about replacements. You might want to compare with what Northern tool has in their catalog. They also sell empty tanks. Good luck. 73 Gary
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Gary Pewitt
We've had one where I work part-time. It's acceptable; only one welding tip with it, but it works well enough. Personally, I'd go with a low-end Victor set for the parts availability, more bits and pieces included, and warranty.
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John Husvar

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