How Do You Make a Shaping Cone?

I have been looking for a long while to buy a shaping cone....without success.

So how does one make a shaping cone?

Or what is out there as a good substitute for one?



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Depends upon what you are shaping. Mostly they are just cones on a stick or other means of holding the cone while it is being used.

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Bob May

Get a plastic traffic cone, take it to your nearest iron foundry and get them to use it as a pattern.


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Andrew Mawson

I made mine by making a conical "birds nest" of 3/4" bar about 2' high and about 2" diameter tapering to about 3". Then filled it with rebar and concrete :.))

I used a traffic cone as the mould

cos they can't fly? ;.)

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I went to the Le Sueur MN Pioneer Power swap meet last year and saw 4 or 5 for sale. A four foot high cone was priced at $225.00 and I would have liked to drag it home. Although it might be a far piece for you to travel I am sure there will be more this year.

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Steve Peterson

Shaping cone, a cone used to shape things (?)

Sounds simple, but could someone be more specific as to what this is used for?


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Art Van Dalay

I use mine to shape iron rings after forging. Also comes in handy if you need to repair dings in rounded sheetmetal. It's like having a BIG jewelers mandrel

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Steve W.

You can sometimes find long pipe reducers that go from 8" pipe down to

4" pipe.

I have a cone mandrel and have no intention of selling it at this time.

You could build one by welding sections of heavy pipe into slight cones and stack them.

Lots of welding and grinding.

You can buy smaller new ones.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

Ernie Leimkuhler wrote in news:ernie-

This foundry casts these cones.

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Maybe six years ago I picked up a flyer for these guys Green-Mengel Blacksmithing Tools Eric Green (610)562-3026 Steven Mengel (610)562-8561 I don't know if they're still in business, but they had cones.


Brad wrote:

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Steve Smith

Mine is four feet tall, about an inch diameter at the top and about 15 inches at the bottom. Got it, a forge, blower, and some loose metal at a farm sale for $100 US.

I sold the forge for $100 and figured I gave that buyer a big break, but he was a beginning smith and needed a decent forge. So I guess the cone mandrel was sorta free in the end. :)

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John Husvar

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