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do all of you think that perhaps lack of work means not much to talk about ? i know that in my nic of the woods, building as well as the art market have dried up. maybe we could put our heads together and come up with some new solar device. have fun, mark

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Mark Finn
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I suppose one could ponder how to forge iron with a sustainable, renewable resource. Perhaps solar, or maybe geothermal or waste heat from composting ethanol by-products. Or maybe the methane from the septic tank, perhaps?

Burning wood or charcoal may tamper with some tree-hugger's dreams of euphoric, continent-spanning old growth forest-to-be. And propane and coal are fossil fuels - just what China is using to warm up the Climate.

Me, I wonder what happens to the CO2 that I use for shielding gas for my MIG welder.

Two scrap yards down the road from me are mangling a lot of old farm implements and other chunks of metal, I guess to send to China. Otherwise, how will we be able to by fresh strap and other forms of steel, to continue this present "rebound"? Once the taxes and regs kick in, there won't be many steel mills opening their doors over here in the States.

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Maybe everyone is concerned with the American economy?

10% unemployment is pretty awful.

For myself I've been making some jewellers tools.

Regards Charles

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