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just how many people is this news group read by
> 1. Al
2. Andrew Mawson (Bromley UK)
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Andrew Mawson
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Daniel Dillman wrote in news:
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"Al McClure"
Read it often. Frank Morrison
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Robie Vought
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Harold Burton
14. Tim Sigmon (Union, SC)
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Tim Sigmon
15. Rob Fertner (Wichita, KS)
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Rob Fertner
16. j. w. anderson (OK)
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Say not the Struggle nought Availeth
19. Marc Godbout (Derry, NH)
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Marc Godbout
Ironhorse, HSB#96, SENS BS 2001 Ultraclassic with Sidecar 96 Custom bucket of bolts (gone but not forgotten)
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20. Gregg Cummings (Leeds, UK) -- Big Egg Visit my ebay shop for welding and tools and stuff:
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"bigegg" Spaketh Thusly:
21 Bill Heinbach (Kennebunk, ME)
-- Bill H. Member VRWC; Fear not the Coultergeist!
[my "reply to" address is real]
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And let's not forget all those nasty women selling Viagra who want to make our penises bigger.
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Marc Godbout

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