check this out guys, for real

We have these 2 hour classes at work. stipid shit about personalities and
federal government funded grant.
The stipulation is "every" person employed takes the class, and "every"
person submits his/her social security number and a
signed consent form allowing the data to be used by the government for
welfare and government assistance.
It asked for annual salary, and we were allowed to leave it blank after
some people were holding steadfast. We all figured the shop prolly filled in
that data.
PEOPLE went nutz.
But, you do it, or go work somewhere else.
Literally everyone did it.
I figured, who cares, my ss number? big woopie/
Jump ahead 2 months.
I'm asked to sign a letter saying "I did not intentionally fail to sign up
for selective service".
ok, I never signed up 1000 years ago because I tried to join the marines,
but i got into some trouble as a teen, and they said no thanks.
I figured I was out.
But this isnt the point..whatever happens from this should be fine, I tried
to join, im not sweating it, The point is they took my name and my ss number
and ran it thru an exhaustive search and figured out i didnt sign up for the
draft a few decades ago. I was forced to give them my ss and i was forced to
give them consent, by threat of employment. Me and the other 70 people.
They arent looking for people not signing up for selective service, they
are looking for anything and everything.
Im sending a copy of this to senator mcain.
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Welcome to the new America, a fascist police state. It's actually been that way for years,decades really,it just hasn't been so in your face.
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Just Me
You're telling a man who did his time as a POW that the military didn't even want you and you expect him to me on your side? Why don't you tell Sarah Palin?
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Keep the government away from our social security numbers!!!! derp
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Well Mr Derp that would be nice but explain just how that will happen unless you are for the right's plan to privatize it. Maybe you could thank Ronny Raygun for making the funds available to the general fund to make it look like he balanced the budget. in 1981 Ronny the buffoon told the nation SS was in trouble.
"As you know, the Social Security System is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. Over the next five years, the Social Security trust fund could encounter deficits of up to $111 billion, and in the decades ahead its unfunded obligations could run well into the trillions. Unless we in government are willing to act, a sword of Damocles will soon hang over the welfare of millions of our citizens."
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The right has been trying for along time to get their lying hands on our money it seems.
Hint number one. There is nothing wrong with any SS funds. There should be means testing and everyone should pay with no cap protecting the wealthy.
Read more if you are capable Mr. Derp.
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Sarcasm escapes you doesn't it. Derp is not a name, either.
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I guess you are right about the sarcasm escaping me. Sorry. I do, however know Derp is not a name so maybe we're even.
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:) No worries. We'll call it even. :D
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