Closing shop Stuff for sale

Time for a change, Closing up and selling of tools machines etc Link to images for first batch:

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Micro Vu small table top comparator : $100

Used Hass VF1. early 1990's model. I got it used, about 4th owner. used for drilling mounting brackets.1000's of them. Reliable but not as accurate as new. Be a good second or third op machine. Worked well for the job I got it for. Job is no more, been sitting idle for a couple of yrs. As is $2750

Mitutoyo Digimatic series 164 2 inch micrometer heads. Barely used for a precision staging table. : $375 ea or $600 for both. Current list is near $900 ea.

Precision custom X/Y staging table. I built this setup for a customer to QC some specialized parts. The tables cost about $600 each if I recall. :$450 for the setup.

Travel Dial set up for a Bridgeport type knee mill. Was taken off when a Prototrak was installed : $ 275

I'm located in Burlingame near SFO. Shipping or pickup s up to you. can email me at

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