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Finally solved sundry Fadal issues. A shout out to Mid-Atlantic CNC in NJ, who seem to make some effort to save cnc suckas a few dollars.

The machine would alarm out on 3-axis 100% rapids. It did not do this in NYC when powered by utility 3ph at 208V, despite an incorrect SetP parameter setting for rapids.

But apparently, with the crappier power in Yonkers, the incorrect SetP became an issue, even with my new'n'improved rpc power. Somehow the machine was set for 500 ipm, instead of the factory 400. Correcting this seemed to solve the problem--so far, no alarms.

It never alarmed on 2-axis rapids, so it wouldn't really be a big deal to program in such a way as to avoid 3 axis rapids. Most 3 axis rapids are short-lived anyway, as after the pyooter "pythagorizes out" the 3 axis rapid, what's left is a 2-axis rapid anyway.

They also suggested putting the wild leg on the middle fuse in the switchbox. This didn't seem to help, but it might be a hedge.

A good local service/dealer is like having a good doc. CA Fadal may know more about some things, probaby programming-type things, but a good dealer have first hand knowledge of what really affects machines in the field. I would buy another fadal or other machine from MidAtlantic. I think they do Mighty, as well as Hyundai Kia, and a few others.

They also gave me sources for better rpc's, if I continued to have trouble. Don't have'em handy, but I'll get'em if anyone needs a source. Some techs like the new digital 3 ph (no motor, but pricey), others seem to prefer rotary. Digitals claim 1% power reg over a very wide current draw. Also silent!

One tech's opinion was that fadal's are more power-sensitive than other stuff, but I actually found this machine to be pretty forgiving, considering I was zapping it with 275 effing volts, with the transformer taps set at


Ultimately, with the transformer taps set at 260, the machine functioned with Leg-leg voltages of 240, 275, 250--shitty power indeed, AND with L1-L2 being 180 deg out of phase--see the sister post to this--instead of 120 deg.

Now, the machine is hopefully purring with the transformer taps set at 240, and L-L voltages of 239, 232, 231--about 3% variation, at least at that load level. Not too shabby....

There is a way to operate the whole thing off single phase, but you 1. gotta know what's going on schematically, and 2. you'll need a transformer anyway, unless your utility voltage happens to be what the machine expects.

They seem to prefer just getting good 3 ph power.

Fadal is now owned by Mag, apparently a company bigger than Haas.

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Didn't you ask for some Macro help a while back?

Was wondering because I offered help but never heard back.


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Your supressor board is most likely just about ready to go *poof*

There are no 3 phase motors so the above is actually of little consequence so long as your total kva req is being met.

Actually a rotary will always provide you with true ~120 deg so long as you are drawing equal power from all three legs --another way to look at this is if it were @180 then your wild would have be in lock-step with one of the other..in which case any 3ph motor connected to the systewm would abruptly lock.

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======= Thanks for "closing the loop." I always like to hear a story with a happy ending.

Are power supply problems becoming more common or am I just noticing these more? It appears that as the price of electricity goes up the quality and reliability of service is going down.

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Dude, ahm still tryna to get up and running again!! I've been out of the shop since I caught a super-flu in March, and then tried my hand at authoring.... Also videos for my shit....

It's been so long, I had to think a while to remember how to turn the machine ON!! No foolin....

As soon as I get the programs roughed out and working, half-workable setups and all the rest, I'll give you a holler. Thanks.

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Well, not yet, and it's been a cupla years since my initial fiasco. Props to Fadal. Mebbe they should put me in a commercial:

"It THIS muthafucka can't destroy our machine...... "

I'll borrow jb's aluminum beanie for the video shoot.

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Checked mine today with the scope a barely noticable notch at the top as always but still a very passable sine wave.

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OK, hadn't heard from you and was wondering what happened....

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