Fadal Air/Oil Spindle

I have a Fadal (1990) with the 10K spindle that has the air/oil lube
system for the bearings.
My question is what air pressure should it be at, and how many drops
per minute should the flow be.
Thanks in advance.
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Are you sure ???
Suggest call Fadal--FWIW : I'm pretty sure that info isn't in their online manuals.
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My 89 4020 had a spindle oiler. It use a 10wt turbine oil. Don't remember the pressure exactly, but I believe it was 60-80 psi. The drop rate was about 1 per second, if I remember correctly.
The biggest problem was an oil "fog" in the enclosure. Solved that by building an acrylic top cover, with a 10 inch exaust flange that went to a big ass Tepco Trion, ionic scrubber.
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Modul-- The pressure should be 18 to 25 PSI. If it gets up to 35 or beyond then the diaphgram is leaking. The drip rate should be 1 drop every 2 seconds.
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Ya, had thought our oldest was ~ '90 model, but turns out it's a circa '92...greased spindle unit 10k
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