I need more supplier info.

I work for a subsidiary Co. of an U.S. entrerprise which purchasing
metal parts for certain equipment building now. Most of the material
been used can be easily found, such as SST304, Al 6061 T6, or free
maching brass. I did have known about a lot factories in China, and the
price is really cheap. But the quality is not stable, so we have to
spent too much time and management cost. Besides that, the raw material
sometimes is not as good as I had expected.
I have bought a little standard parts from Swagelok, MDC or other U.S
Co. The price is as higher as 3~4* of China parts.
I wonder, is there anyone who could provide parts with a relative
cheaper price and good quality performance ?
In fact, I had worked for a large scale SOE of China who provide all
kinds of precision parts to many world famouse Co. I believe, both
China and the U.S. has special advantages. In my opinion, the salary
cost differs a lot, esp. those factories need a lot of manual work.
I'd like to make more freinds in mechanical manufacturing, and exchange
my experiance with them. I expect for ur joining me into ur MSN
contacter list, and mine is: snipped-for-privacy@hotmail.com
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I think the answer to the 2nd paragraph, is reflective of the reason why the prices in paragraph 1, are lower. You get what you pay. If you are using Swagelok products, I would assume that you are dealing or providing, or want to create the impression that you deliver high quality products. That impression and confidence, costs more money, because of higher requirements, better QA processes, etc...... There's a relative comparisson to this situation and that's why Ferraris go faster, are more stable and more desirable than a Toyota Supra, and costs way more.
Taiwan and Malaysia come to mind. There are quite a few high output turning companies, from all over the world, based in Malaysia. Their quality is second to none, and the prices very competitive. The only problem is, they won't talk to you unless you got a 100,000 part requirement, per drawing. The factory that turns components for Omega and Swatch and all the other brands in their group, is just 1 hour away from where I live. The company that turns a large portion of disk drive parts that are used by Seagate, is an hour's drive in the other direction. The Japanese company, that turns pretty much the printer shafts for Canon, is in the same industrial estate, that our office is in, and they are a 5 minute walk away.
There's an American company, 5 hours away, that turns a couple of million parts a month, precision screws and fasteners.
Yeah, so if you want cheaper than US prices, and definitely better quality than China ( for now anyway ) take a look at Malaysia and Thailand. Taiwan is a bit more expensive, but they do make better quality components than some of the Chinese stuff that I have seen.
One day, it won't be a factor anymore, with the advancements made in the field of robotics. I always tell some of my workers, one day, I'm going to replace all of you with a robot that doesn't scratch his balls and then go wash the nuts because their itchy now.
You'd be really surprised how informative and friendly this site is, if you take the trouble to hang around here more often.
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