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I have no experience of thread rolling. I want to know how to inspect thread rolling.

Material : stainless steel Tensile strength : over 1070Mpa

  1. NDT Is it mandatory to inspect flaw using NDT?

  1. grain flow Is it mandatory to inspect grain flow? How to inspect grain flow? What is the criteria for inspection? Is grain flow important to thread rolling?

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==================== #1 The inspection requirements are what every your customer says these are.

#2 Check the purchase order and hope you did not quote an aircraft [type] part without realizing that certification/inspection generally runs 2X-3X more than the part itself.

#3 Contact the manufacturer of your thread roller. They will generally provide a considerable amount of background and technical information.

#4 As a general hint -- rolled threads won't look like cut threads. Don't make perfect crest threads unless you must as the strain on the rolls/machine is much higher. Imperfections on the crest does not affect the strength. Also use the rounded root option if you can. The rolls will wear out quicker making flat bottons/square corner roots and will rapidly wear to the rounded profile.

Good luck and if you can provide the make of thread roller, roller die manufacturer, material specs, processing specs [speeds] and threads you are rolling we can give you more specific information such as oil, and other tips.

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