Machine coordinates on a Fanuc 21i control - Mill

I would like to know which parameter needs to be changed so that the MACHINE coordinates are displayed on the tool setting page, instead of the current RELATIVE display coordinates. #3104? or something close??

Machine is a YCM MV146B mill with a Fanuc 21i control.

Thanks, samurai.

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samurai wrote in news:

I don't know if you can change from relative to machine position display on the tool setting page. I'll scour the parameters some more, but so far I haven't found a setting for that yet.

You could set 3104 bit 3 to zero. Then the relative display will not be updated when the absolute coordinates are changed. You would also need to set 3104 bit 4 to a 1 so that your tool compensation value is not added in.

Then you could preset the relative value to match the machine position by bringing the axes to their zero point and then zeroing out the relative values.

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