Machine shop estimating help, please?

I'd appreciate a value check from someone who knows what it might cost
to have one part made in a machineshop. Harold? Karl Townsend?
I was asked to do this by my son's mother-in-law, to help out a
customer of hers who is a contractor with a problem. The contractor
Fed-Ex'd me the fixture my part needs to fit. Cosmetics are important
on this one.
She may be expecting this as a freebie for all I know. If so, that's
OK. If she or the contractor does want to compensate me, which I
think will probably be the case, I haven't the slightest idea what
"fair market value" might be for such a job, and I'm sure they have no
idea either. That's where I need a bit of informed help.
My investment in this is maybe an hour of design time and 1.5 hours
of shop time as a guess. Probably a low estimate, but I'll ride it.
Oh, and 3" of 3/4" 303 barstock and shipping of the whole shebang
back to Florida.
Again, whatever they think is fair is OK with me, but they might want
a clue as to what might be fair -- then I'll give 'em a really good
A description of the application and the part, with shop print and
photos, may be seen at
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Thanks, guys!
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cross posted to AMC for "money player" input..
============= Good job on supplying the details/information.
I am cross posting to alt.machines.cnc as that group has lots of "money players" and more than likely have made [or are making] something close.
Volume will be a consideration for both the machining and stock costs, and this appears to be a one-off
Roughly comparable rates for machining should be similar to the shop rates for mechanics and plumbers.
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We have all seen commercials on TV touting the "great vehicle service" provided by dealer service departments. They know your vehicle better than anyone else, they use original replacement parts, etc. etc ... But at what cost is such great service available? Well, usually at about $75.00 to $95.00 per hour.
In many instances, vehicle repairs can be completed for substantially lower hourly rates. Many independent garages employ ASE certified and licensed mechanics. These garages generally charge about $40.00-$50.00 per hour. ===========
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For basic plumbing services, such as leak repair or installing new fixtures or traps, you'll pay $45 to $65 per hour, plus parts, if necessary. For weekend or night calls, you can expect to pay as much as $100 just for the call and then $75 per hour. Even at these rates it is a good idea to ask what the options are for repairs and parts, and how to prevent any problems from recurring. =============
So it looks like 50$/hr should be reasonable.
Design 1 hr @ 50$/hr = 50$ Machining 1.5 hr. @ 50$/hr = 75$
material 3 inches of 3/4Ø 303 SS = 15$? [set up /test pieces/shipping?]
glass bead for finish = 15$?
shipping USPS bubble pack = 10$? -------------------------------------------- total = 165$?
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Stainless-303 3/4 x RD x 36 34.80 34.80 All prices are in US Dollars Subtotal 34.80 Shipping 9.50 TOTAL 44.30 ==============
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Your cart contains:
Quantity Item # Description Unit Price Sub-total Actions 1 RD:RDS303:00750-303-XXX 3/4" ROUND 303 STAINLESS STEEL $5.61 $5.61 Remove Labor Cut length Material ordered 4" 4.25" $5.00 Items have had applicable discounts applied, unless otherwise specified. Total: $10.61 Tax not included [shipping??] Estimated total availability: 1 day/s =================
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F. George:
Jeeze, that sure was detailed for a one off part, George. I think you used up his total budget just researching & writing up the quote. LOL I could have used you to do my taxes. JK Our shop rate is officially $65/hr. And for one or two parts we'd just throw in the material, since we've got remnants on the rack.
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