Making a Gerber Saber router take G-Code

The title of this post could also be called "how to turn a mostly useless
piece of crap in to something that can do work"
I recently started working for a small fabrication shop. The guy's got a
Gerber Saber router, and the only software they've got for it is the
proprietary crap that gerber shipped, geared towards sign shops and
meatheads that shouldn't own CNC equipment. I don't know if anybody's seen
it before, but it's horrible - ArtPath, EnRoute, Composer - the worst kind
of circa 1994 shareware-esque looking, hardware locked garbage you've ever
seen. I want to get this thing to operate on G-Code! Short of de-braining
the controller and running it off a LPT port, what are my options? It's
incredibly frustrating, especially when the machine ruins a $700 piece of
Andy Baker
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Andrew Baker
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"Andrew Baker" wrote in news:NeYYd.90369$
crossposted to RCM more guys there are familiar with this type of set-up and retrofit.
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try Camtronics they build an inexpensivenc control for stepper and servo systems. up to 4 axis, control $1100 software $150 "Andrew Baker"
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