Crack the G Code

Another one from American Machinist:
"Siemens Energy & Automation?s Machine Tool Business wants shops to have fun as
they find out how much more productive they can really be and how CNC factors
into their success.
When jobshop owners and operators visit
formatting link
they enter an
unusually productive jobshop office scene ? after hours. Then using a
?flashlight? cursor, they explore the darkened room and are challenged to crack
the code to the office vault, whereupon they can become site members with access
to deeper levels of information and a variety of cool stuff at no cost."
formatting link

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That is a great site. I like when you shine the light in the window and the guy looks at ya.
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Man, and I thought I was just being paranoid.....
So, help a muthafucka out, what's the effing middle word????
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It's not a logical answer. Fill in a couple of wrong words and you'll see.
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On second thought filling in the word spot isn't what brings up the answer. Lighting up the bulletin board and clicking the mouse seems to. I lost interest right after that, you'll see why.
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I only looked at the site for a minute...but maybe efficient?
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Vinny: That was the first thing *I* tried. Oh, and if you thought it was cool that the guy in the window just looked at you, click on him AND the Harley engine. LOL
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Click on the 3 ring binders, right side of the desk, that would be a better hint than the bulletin board.
Thank You, Randy
Remove 333 from email address to reply.
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That was too easy.
Garlicdude wrote:
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Bill Roberto
Yep, it's all about Siemens ;) I got to the fill out the form bit but it's US entries only it seems. Dorset isn't in your lists of States yet LOL.
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Wayne Weedon
And I am sure he figured out how to format a spreadsheet as well......LOL
[ Is there anyone that offers a c-hook the allows you to use a spreadsheet to edit your tool libraries so that you can modify tools in mass rather than opening them up and editing them one at a time? ] -Jon Banquer- (AKA: NeilJ) 7-14-2008 CLUELESS
[ Open your tool library in MCAM and right click on the white part of the tool library and go there That will create a txt file that can be modified and then brought back to Mcam. ] -Martin-
[ I want to be able to export the tool library text into a spreadsheet. A spreadsheet will make it easier for me to add and edit tools instead of what I now do which is open each tool one at a time and edit it. I was hopeing someone had already setup a spreadsheet to do this as I don't have time or the inclination to setup a spreadsheet myself for this purpose. ] -Jon Banquer- (AKA: NeilJ)
[ You mean like this?? 1) open excel 2) file, open, txt file from export from MCX 3) choose delimited format when asked. used little checkboxes to control detail of cells.
Done. pretty simple....... ] -Robert-
[ Nope. I don't mean like that. What a mess. ] -Jon Banquer- (AKA: NeilJ) 8-19-2008 STILL CLUELESS
[ It's only a mess because you have no training and don't know what you're looking at. ] CNC Apps Guy
OK...... You don't like that. But that is what MCX tool libraries look like in their native ascii format. What kind of eye candy do you want? If you have any excel skills, you can make it LOOK however you want. But the fact remains, if you save the above spreadsheet as a .txt file, it WILL create a library. There is quite a bit of help docs that describe the formatting...... ] -Robert-
[ I was hopeing someone had already setup a spreadsheet to do this as I don't have time or the inclination to setup a spreadsheet myself for this purpose. ]" - Jon Banquer-
In other words just like checking oil pressure gages on his machine he hasn't a clue how to format a spreadsheet.
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