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:-))) "@(nospam)" <""grtnrthlock\"@(nospam)"> wrote in message news:
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Glen Cooper
"@(nospam)" <""grtnrthlock\"@(nospam)"> wrote in message news:
What's sad is that they are (hopefully unwittingly) giving out passwords to a restricted site. To get access you are requested to enter one of those codes to prove you are a bona-fide locksmith.
Not good.
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Bob DeWeese, CML
No worries Bobby,
First the site will change those questions every so often, so unless the smart guy that asked the question can get someone else from this group to drop the ball again he will likely be "locked out" of the site soon. Furthermore, there is only enought information at the site to get this guy into trouble, especially with no experance to rely upon in using what he reads.
I think if we all look out for this type of crap, it will be ok.
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Keith Williams
Sorry guys, I didn't even think about the possibility of it being a password. You all are very correct. Normally I'm good about security breaches, but this one slipped through. Again, sorry.
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Basic principle: Don't look up codes for folks whom you don't have reason to trust. Wandering into this newsgroup is, unfortunately, not sufficient reason to trust them.
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Joe Kesselman (yclept Keshlam
Password or not is it really a good idea to give out code information on an open forum? Especially information that you had to PAY for?
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You're also never sure but what the fellow got the code number off someone else's lock. I'm cautious about that, too. I want people to bring in the lock, or I go there. You likely would not be surprised how many times someone has wanted a key to someone else's lock.
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Stormin Mormon

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