Free Code Lookup-Another Scam

Well NFM, My bro-in-law called the locksmith who installed the lock on the door. He showed up this morning, had me fill out a form, then handed me the key. Had to pay him out of the money that was owed to me, but oh well, better than waiting around on a free code lookup service that does'nt exist.

Found my lost key an hour later, stashed underneath the floor mat in the car.Laugh anyway, cause I'd still be waiting for that free code lookup.

I bet somebody could get sued for that.How phoney.How nefarious.

I could'nt help but wondering about coded locks, public domain and all that stuff, so I asked that Locksmith if that code was on the internet or any public domain.He told me No. He went on to tell me he assigns his own codes and does not publish them.

So the free code lookup would not find it anyway.It will not be in any code book,code retrieval program, etc. And Bump keys will not work either.He would'nt say why.

Oh well, I got most of my money and I got a 12-gauge, too.


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BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You sat here all weekend posting this TROLL crap to your own group? Let's see go to the beach and hang out with hot girls or post to alt.locksmithing, decisions f****ng decisions. LMFAO What a loser. Time to get a life there buddy. The graphite dust has gone to your brain.

Oh FYI I bought a laptop off a locksmith one time who stamped his keys and his locks with his own proprietary codes like you were babbling about. He also kept detailed records including bitings on all his jobs indexed by name and address. Much to my pleasant surprise the idiot deleted his files but he didn't overwrite them. What a moron. I recovered everything in no time. Thousands of bitings and the locations they corresponded too. Talk about a freaking lawsuit. Code program too. Trescat or some freaking thing. I could never get it (the code program) to work right though, it kept crashing and giving errors and customer service sucked. I was gonna put the laptop and all the data up for auction because I knew it would sell for major bucks but I gave the locksmith first crack at buying his data back. He was pissed and whined and cried but ultimately decided it was in his best interest to pay me a lot of money and buy it back. He was scared shitless his customers would find out what he did. Even then the moron had no real way to know I hadn't copied everything and I guarantee he never went out and rekeyed all the locks including master key systems on apartment buildings his stupidity compromised. Another incompetent scamming the public.

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APPLAUSE Pronunciation[uh-plawz]


  1. hand clapping as a demonstration of approval, appreciation, acclamation, or the like.
  2. any positive expression of appreciation or approval; acclamation.

Hmmm, our anonymous citizen makes some valid points here, and has been met with pompous denial, a reflexive defensive posture and stoopid antics.

A growing mumber of hobby groups (such as TOOOL) not to mention several publicly available quarterly security industry web briefings reflect these same concerns.

These mechanical flaws have existed for years and are not being corrected by the industry manufacturers. Professional criminals *do* utilize methods such as these because they work, just as you often leverage them to perform your duties legally.

To say it works for you but not for criminals is thoughtless, arrogant, and deception of professioinal salesmanship.

Think about the competitive advantage you could offer your customers simply by including a few spool and/or serrated pins in any perimeter lock you pin...

Think about the new service contracts and projects that could be coming your way to correct such public flaws...

This space seems more often becoming an unconstructive, self serving, waste of time and disk space...what a shame to see that happen.

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When did I ever say this was my group? Yes it was spoofed to look like troll crap.

More spoof shit^

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you said the magic word..industry manufacturers.. therein lies the problem..


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You don't need to.

No, it was troll crap. Not particularly imaginative or entertaining troll crap, more the sort of troll crap one would expect from a troll with few friends, no appeal to the opposite sex and thusly nothing to do all weekend but troll, however poorly.

Alas, no. Just another example of the all too common stupidity which seems to run rampant in your trade. To be entirely fair that isn't the only computer I've ever bought that had sensitive information left on it, but then I didn't buy the others from supposed security professionals who should know better.

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I did troll-and you bit... What does the opposite sex have to with this? I only hang out with one hot chick-married her 20 years ago.. And it was raining anyway.

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