Since I have had more interest than expected in the code lookups I am now offering safe opening information. You supply the CORRECT Make and Model of safe and I will supply detailed opening instructions for the easiest way into it, or if more than one method is viable all of the methods. The fee is a flat $200.00. Less than half what one of the 'profesional' safe guys will charge you. email me your info and I will see if that model is in my extensive collection of books and CDs or is one I have had personal experience with. If it is I will email you back with payment instructions.

Code Lookups:

I will lookup your codes. You provide: A CORRECT code and the application with as much detail as possible. I will provide you the biting and key blank specifications and anything else you need to know to make a key. I charge $50.00 for the code info, or I will sell you a key cut to your code for $100.00. I will also do combo lookups by serial for any combo padlocks I have info for. Price is $25.00. Prices aren't negotiable. Don't ask. email me your code and I will look in my software and books if I have it I will email you back with the address to send payment in cash, or by money order. I don't give any info for free. DONT ASK!! By ordering code information or a key from me you certify that your intent is strictly legal and that you have full right and authority with regard to the lock in question. I will not respond to requests which imply illegal intent. I will not respond to any comments on this thread and may not even read this group again for a month or more so don't bother flaming. If you don't like what I'm doing or think you have a monopoly on this information too bad. I don't care and you don't.

Note to those suspicious types who think this is too good to be true. It isn't. I have the info. I have already paid for the info. Why not resell the info? This is also completely legal. There is no law against the general public having access to lockcodes and safe opening instructions. It's just that most of the secret squirrel suppliers will not sell you this info so the locksmiths can keep their monopoly intact.

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Why ignore him, why not laugh at him ???

He is the biggest joke, I mean he spends all this time replying to things he has absolutely no knowledge about...

I am just wondering what he was calling himself three or four months ago -- could have been anyone of the incarnations of somesmartass (and the smiliar ones) or the two groupies that showered him with praise...

Just know that you have more honor and are an honest hardworking professional and laugh at his incompetence... If that guy spent even half of the time he wastes trying to stir things up aroud here actually learning about the trade he could see that his time would be better spent earning honest money rather than making an ass out fo himself on a public news forum...

Evan the Maintenance Man

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Ignore by subject. That will kill the whole thread as far as your reader is concerned. I don't use OE for newsgroups but it looks like it would be:

Tools>Message Rules>News>News Rules>New> "where the subject line contains specific words".

Choose the words and add the rule. That should kill all threads with those words in the subject line irregardless of author.

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I guess you could laugh at him but if I were a bloody maintenance man I'd spend my time looking for a better job instead of laughing at a guy who probably is making more in a day than you make in a week.

I don't know or care what he was doing 3 or 4 months ago he does what he says he will. I thought it was probably a rip off but hey I'm not a bloody maintenance man so I can afford $50.00 to find out. I didn't want to mail cash so I asked him if Western Union was OK and sent him his $50.00 that way. I had the code the same day by email. It was right on the money. He even told me the easiest cheapest way to make the boody key and sent me 2 blanks which arrived in a couple days since they were hard to buy. Was bloody well worth alot more to me than the 50 I paid him, can tell you that.

I didn't even bother asking for the information here since I've seen how you useless wankers respond.

What services do you have to offer? Of what bloody use are you to anyone?

I know. Bloody little use indeed.

formatting link

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say as suggested by

Workin' great.

whole group anymore,

line in OE6 looking

responding to those we

them be? That way

to our

it was only to inform him that he is posting spam by posting the same thing numorus times. excuse me if that bothers you !

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"Me" snipped-for-privacy@privacy.net wrote in message


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It doesn't bother me that much.

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Glen Cooper

Is there the slightest chance that he doesn't know?

Do you think he cares?

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Henry E Schaffer

How is any ony supposed to email you when you don't post your email addreess dumbass. Nobody takes you seriously so get lost!

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Jim Gaynor

Proving Beyond all doubt that the average locksmith is an illiterate moron "Jim Gaynor" snipped-for-privacy@optonline.net blathered in message news:eBQAc.19237$ snipped-for-privacy@news4.srv.hcvlny.cv.net...

Jim the illiterate moron then proceeded to quote the following valid email address from the original post.

Locksmithing makes you stupid. Get help now.

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yea right. he probably rips off folks just like he says he does. how much did he pay you to say that troll-boy ?

hard to tell by your remarks.

figures :-)

then you can't either troll-boy :-)

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In a highly successful attempt to prove that locksmithing does indeed make you stupid

"Key'" snipped-for-privacy@Ya.net who obviously suffers from mental retardation blathered out in message news:EL1Bc.10919$ snipped-for-privacy@fe2.texas.rr.com...

Ah another illiterate witless bloody w "How is any ony supposed to email you when you don't post your email addreess dumbass. Nobody takes you seriously so get lost!"

Jim being a locksmith and consequently stupid then quoted the following completely VALID email address:

You then came along and blathered the incoherent nonsensical statements that I have quoted above.

Yet further evidence that locksmithing makes you stupid.

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"Me" snipped-for-privacy@privacy.net trolled in message again

---snip the troll-boys useless dribble---

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