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Hi, I have no knowledge on locks, so please bare with me. I would like to add a keylock to my bathroom door doorknob. Right now, it can only be locked from the inside, and no keyhold on the outside. I would like to retain the original doorknob, is that possible? Can the pin that connects the outside to the inside be replaced with one that uses a key?

Thanks, Michael

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If your lockset is like most privacy locksets there is no practical way to do what you want with it. Just buy a key in knob passage set.

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Ever hear "You can't get there from here!"?

Buy a new bathroom door lock, chrome inside, brass outside w/a hole to open it if accidentally locked.

It's that simple.


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doorknob. Right now,

the outside.

possible? Can

replaced with one

no... fine a keyed lock in a design you also like and replace it.

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It can be done, but the tools to alter the existing knob to fit the working parts of a keyed lock will be prohibitive. You'd have to very carefully bore a hole for the cylinder and braze or epoxy the approprate shoulders and such.

There's a very good chance that even with the right machines you'd end up messing up the knobs the first try.


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