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I am sorry if this is not exactly relevant to this group, but I would be really thankful if I could an info about this :

I have an existing door knob (infact 2) in my room and I need a lock for them..I dont want to drill or do anything with the door or with the walls. Are there any products in the market which would fit on the door knob as it is, for locking it ?

I'll be thankful for your reply.

Regards Anupam

P.S If you think this message is more relevant to some other group from where I can get more information, can you please recommend me one ? Thanks !

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You may be able to remove the existing doorknobs and put in ones that have a keylock thing.

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the make doorknob covers that have to be removed to turn the knob. google child proof door knobs

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As Roger already told you, you will need a different lockset. What you have now is called a passage lockset. It does not lock from either direction. Usually the strike mechanism in the edge of the door will have a brand name (schlage, kwiikset, or other) You should be able to buy the same brand, but they are all pretty standard. If you get the same brand you can probably leave the existing strike in the door and change out the handles. Your choices are a privacy set used on bathrooms, it can be locked on the inside and usually has some type of hole to release the lock on the outside. The other choice is a keyed lockset like your front door.

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Are you trying to lock the doornob, or the door? Do you need to be able to work it from both sides, or just from the inside? (Or just from the outside?) Who does it need to be proof against?

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I saw something a long time ago. Clamshell kind of thing, that goes over a door knob. Had a double bitted Chicago key to unlock the clamshell.

Never actually saw one in person, so I don't know if they still exist.

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Stormin Mormon

Yes they still exist, but it would probably be cheaper and more astheticly pleasing to replace the knobset.

They are manufactured my Major Manufacturing and available in knob and lever styles. These are also good to restrict access to hosebibs.

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Roger Shoaf

Greetings !

Thank you very much guys ! So many good ideas.

I opened one of the knobs today. Nothing is written anywhere. It's a golden color knob, standard size (I dont know if the ones bigger than this are called standard size knobs)

But the strange thing is : the screws on the knob of one door is towards my side (inside the room) while for the other one they are outside...will it create a problem for putting the new knobs with both locks inside ?

And yes, I am looking for lock for the door (or maybe for door knob as long as the person from outside cannot turn it)

Can you please suggest me a good web site where I can buy these new knobs with locks, at a good price. I'll be thankful !


Roger Shoaf wrote:

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If these are just passage latches, they can fit in the door either way. The direction the screws face probably depends on which way was easier to install, usually done with the door opening toward you, so the non-screwdriver hand can reach around and wiggle things so they line up as you assemble it all. The trim carpenter will usually only do things the hard way if the screw side needs to face the other way to to make the right color or the locking button end up on the correct side. Some things aren't worth ordering on-line, especially if you are not sure what you are ordering. Post a trusted friend to guard your room for an hour, take the old doorknob and striker completely out of the door, and take it all down to your nearest home center or full-line lumberyard. Tell them you need a privacy latch or keyed lockset that is a exact match size-wise to replace what you have. Assuming their hardware guy knows which end is up, it should take him about five minutes to come up with the right item. (It takes longer now the knobs are in blister packs.) If you need keys on both doors, make sure the packages have the same key number on them, so the keys are the same. If this is a rental (sounds like it), keep the old locksets so you can reinstall them when you move out.

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  1. To lock from inside, screw a bolt onto the door.
  2. To lock from outside, use a hasp secured by a padlock.

Both require screws into both door and door post. It seems simpler to replace the doorknob with a lockset, if you can find one that fits the existing hole through the door. Look for the same brand (if you can see a brand name) or remove the existing latch mechanism and take it to a locksmith's shop.

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Don Phillipson

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