[TMT] Never honored policy

13-1.0 If a motor fails catastrophically and damages and/or destroys the
test stand, or any components thereof, the manufacturer of the failed
motor shall be billed for any and all repairs or replacement of involved
13-2.0 If damages are not paid in full within 30 days of the incident no
further motors will be accepted or tested by TMT until such time that
payment is made in full.
13-3.0 If damages are not paid in full within 60 days of the incident
certification for that manufacturer shall be removed and their motors
will not be approved for use by Tripoli members.
Example #2
4-2.2 For re-certification of high power rocket motors the following
number of motor types will be required for Tripoli certification:
Disposable Motors
H through L class motors - two (2) of each
Reloadable Motors
H through L class motors - two (2) of each
4-3.2 For re-certification of advanced high power rocket motors the
following number of motor types will be required for Tripoli
Disposable Motors
M through O class motors - one (1) of each delay time
Reloadable Motors
M through O class motors - one (1) of each delay time
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Jerry Irvine
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Jerry, you gotta give us some reference for this.
I assume these are some regs for Tripoli Motor testing? there was dammage to a testing facility? and what is the relevance of the recertification ammounts?
lemme guess, one of your motors broke their testing equipment you then paid for the dammages you then sent more motors but they still rejected you.
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tater schuld
He never paid, if memory serves. He blamed the failure on the test crew.
That's when it all started. IMHO
Tripoli kicked Jerry out and he started bad mouthing them to this day.
Jerry always wanted to run the show, seems he was the only one that felt he had what it took to do that.
Seems like he is still trying, key word "trying".
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Roy Simpson
That's a good guess. Damn close too. Offered to pay and they refused. Offered DOUBLE and they refused. Offered TRIPLE and they (Charles E Rogers) refused.
Catch a trend here?
I replied to the crap the troll posted but in a new thread.
One out of a couple hundred motors catoed, but it was a PHENOLIC case motor so the damage was either minimal or zilch and they claimed otherwise to add insult to injury (of me).
No recertifications have ever been accepted from me even when they automatically renewed motors and I insisted on submitting new samples (and fees) anyway.
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Jerry Irvine
Memory fails.
It was a symptom of Rogers breaching his partnership agreement while TRA President, as was the Kosdon approvals using Powertech (ie exclusively USR) assets.
Um yea, if you call telling facts bad mouthing.
Say what? Based on WHAT? Everyone who knows me knows I am a delegator not a meglomaniac.
Roy Simpson is without clue but is repeating the 10-13 year old story used to conceal the frauds of the time. Interesting how gullible he is in light of the many things that have come to light since. It turns out they were not "only" out to get Jerry, he was just the posterboy target.
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Jerry Irvine
The interesting thing about all these stories of "that's when it all started" is how many different stories there are.
It appears that the story of those times may not yet ever have been told in one balanced piece... nobody has more than a fragment of it, from one or another point of view... and it appears that much of the story may lie _in_ those points of view, more so than in any particular physical or technical event.
-dave w
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David Weinshenker
Waste of effort on my part, but I looked it up.
Never paid, kicked out because.
Some have short memories, when it goes against what they want people to think.
If you do not like what others do, then form your own group and see if you can do better.
Never happen, easier to just bad mouth the ones that try.
Things never change, some never learn. Yell loud enogh and someone may believe.
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Roy Simpson
Never offered, never paid is what happened.
Wishful thinking and or spoken good intentions do not pay the bills. Tripoli spend almost all they money they had on a test stand setup and one person ruins it for everyone, or almost.
You'd think that after 20 years, someone would figure out they have been going about things in the wrong way. It appears that it never happened and probably never will.
For some people that do not have the ability to effect change they sure seem to want to.
A course in anger management might be in order.
Reminds me of the person that has clearly lost an argument. They just keep getting louder and louder, digging themselves in deeper and deeper.
No matter what happens, they are always right. Don't believe that; just ask them, they'll tell you.
Time spent taking a breath and fixing all of those broken links, might be a positive step.
I have a Football game to watch, at least that will have so interesting players.
This forum appears to have mostly good information. The trick will be for people to figure out who to listen to. IMHO, that will not be a turbo poster.
Remember, people do not have to swear, to try and make a point, even if it's wrong.
Have a very happy New Year. I love this country, just not everyone that lives in it.
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Roy Simpson
You know what? I was there and that is NOT what happened.
The offer was made to one Charles E Rogers at Black Rock.
The same Black Rock where IIRC I was told by Gary Rosenfoeld that Bruce Kelly was skimming money from the printing budget. Turned out to not only be true but there was a witness. The witness Gary Price was summarily dismissed from TRA. Can you point to a safety violation he was removed for? I cannot. Gary was among the meek and helpful of the rocketeers BTW not agressive and allededly criminal like Kelly.
Great. Name 2.
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Jerry Irvine
I've seen TRA's requirements for reinstating Jerry & his motors & none of it makes any reference to paying for test stand damage.
Are you currently a member? Do you have anything to substantiate your claim?
Phil Stein
Phil Stein
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Phil Stein
Wow, I should not have looked it up.
I found things I had forgotten.
The test stand issue was just one of the straws.
In rough order.
Things started to go down hill, when many compaints (they used the word mail fraud, in the meeting minutes) (see The Tripoli Report Vol 2 #5 Oct. 1991) was directed to the Tripoli Board. Motor catos, etc. No refunds by US Rockets.
The T. Board decided to act, because US Rocekts ran ads in the Tripolitan and could be putting Tripoli at risk of law suites.
Another issue in that meeting was threats by U. S. Rockets directed at Mr. Price and others.
Names like Mr. Nolan, Mr. Huck, came up, something about US Rockets publication (Experimental Rocket Flyer publication) was taking subscription money and not sending anything out.
Something about Aardvark Sound Hobby, not getting refunds.
The board accepted Mr. Irvines proposed resolutions, only after being forced. That was not the end, just the beginning.
It appears that the test stand was damaged and was not repaired after many requests.
It was decided to not allow US Rockets to run any ads in the Tripolitan and that the member Mr. Irvine would have his membership revoked. These issues were covered in many Tripoli Reports, covering Oct. 1991 to Oct 1992.
I found many things that should not have happened, IMHO.
I just do not want to take the time to write them up here.
If you are asking if I am a member of Tripoli, yes #684.
Not that it matters.
Back to the Football game.
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Roy Simpson
Never substantiated at all, bit yes they WERE published in the Tripoli report. Gee I wonder if everything they publish is accurate? We now have a bit of history to judge that!! But is TRA therefore at risk from AT J350's catoing all over the place so they need to be blackballed immediately?
Just checking. Those reports were confirmed.
Nobody ever denied Tripoli looked for a kitchen sink of claims, none of which were real to get rid of me. It was a fact TRA President Rogers and Powertech Partner was engaging in as many conflicts of interest as he could come up with. And ONE of them worked. His position as the launch FAA waiver officer he used to DENY any FAA waivers were ever received for fest launches. Too bad they MAILED them to me as well as faxed them to the launch site and I PRODUCED proof I filed. In no way were the facts an impediment to keeping me kicked out however, even to this very day. TRA is so ethical. Just like you.
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Jerry Irvine

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