Considering Liquidating a Locksmith Shop

Greetings everyone.
My father is retiring from the locksmith business and is considering
liquidating his inventory/equipment. He has a LOT of commercial locks
and keys, several high-end panic bars, a couple of key machines, an
hpc, a few code cutters, a computer, fax machine, etc etc. He hasn't
actually decided if he's going to pursue this, I'm just checking out
some options for him.
What is the best way for him to pursue this route?
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Some things can be sold on Ebay, but not others.
For the unsellable, call the other locksmith shops in your area. Ask if anyone's looking for a deal on used equipment.
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Stormin Mormon
add an ad in one or both of the trade magazines if he gets them..
classified section of Clearstar too
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I've been selling my stock and equipment on eBay for a while now, almost giving it away. Actually, some of it went for less then it cost to sell. Not the best way. In hindsight, I should have the done the area locksmith bit. Wayne
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wayne c

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