Mori MV JR Clicks off after 3 seconds

I am trying to fix a Mori MV JR. The problem began when the machine stopped feedign in the middle of a program, then the monitor displayed "CPU error".

After turning the power off and then on, the ON button on the control did not respond, nothing.

I traced a problem to the TU01 board and replaced it.

Now I get a click sound as the NCM contacotr closes but it opens again in 3 seconds.

The manual says it may be a 5 volt problem.

The power supply does make 5 Volt power going to the boards. The CP07 board has 2 LEDs one light up when the power comes on, the other lights up after the ON button is pushed. They both stay on after NCM opens three seconds later.

The MM09 board also has an LED, it lights up when I press the on button but turns of 3 seconds later when the NCM contactor opens.

I am trying to find the next step to tracing down the problem, any suggestions?

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