Muffin Fans sources?

I got some Comair Rotron fans, that fit the spindle motors on some of
my machines..
They lasted about a week, before the plastic fins/body split/cracked,
and they failed. Noisily.
I thought the first set was a fluke, so I changed to another, and sure
enough, the next set failed too.
I just got off the phone with a friend who services Radio, and TV
transmitters, and he was complaining about replacing Comair Rotron
fans in the transmitters, except when they fail it takes out several K
$ worth of tranmitter modules. Again, he was seeing about week of life
These fans were all Hecho en Mexico.
Any ideas about high quality, Reliable muffin fans? Brands to avoid,
or to prefer?
Are all the others made in China, from recycled trash bags now days?
These IIRC are the 6-7" fans.
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Will yer city dump let you raid the "electronics" section?
If so, scavenge the fans out of old pyooter power supplies, or photocopiers, etc, put 10 of them in series (10 x 12 V = 120 V), and just have them blow away.
Or, get a bell transformer, and hook them up in parallel. This way, if one or two fail, no biggie.
May have to kluge/epoxy shit in place, but no biggie either, imo.
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I use Y. S. Tech fans and they are excellent.
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John R. Carroll
Female pubic area cooling device?
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Black Dragon
So BD, You're not a muffin fan yourself?
And Thanks JC!
So You aint' seen nuthing till yer down on the muffin and you aughta be ashamed of your ways....
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Half-nutz wrote in news:395cecaa-2af9-403c-97fa-
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full line of industrial cooling fans.....
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Dude, I'm THE muffin man! The ladies usually need to sit on a block of dry ice for a week to cool off afterward when I'm done with them. I'm thinkin' one of these muffin fans mounted on one of Gil's Holdzem's and strategically aimed might be a bit more convenient.
Nothing to be ashamed about enjoying one of life's finest pleasures. :)
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