Need A Super High Quality Cheap CNC?

It maybe old but it's a great machine in superb condition. I'd buy it
but I don't have the space for it.
Jon Banquer
San Diego, CA
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your just dyin to talk about your lil garage shop your tryin to start up.....aren't ya lil wacko??? ya just can't seem to find anybody who gives a damn, can ya?? your a funny nutcase lil jonnie....stupid....but funny...just go away...nobody gives a shit.. :)
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Details as per multiple e-mail requests:
Machine is a Mori-Seki. It only had one owner who never did any production on it. Control is a Fanuc 11M. The machine can probably be had for $5,000 or less. Machine is located in SoCal. Without a doubt the nicest machine (for its age) that I've ever seen.
Jon Banquer San Diego, CA
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I've always wondered & have heard both: do you pronounce it Fanooc or fanic? :) Mori-Seki are very well built. 5K is a steal especially if it comes with tooling. too bad it has a Fanuc control.
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I worked for two OEM's and dealt with Fanuc constantly. The girls who answer the phone, and all the tech's I've talked to, pronounce it "Fanic".
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Matt Stawicki

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