Need some more beginners advice on a cnc lathe, coolant

When changing tools do you stop the coolant (M9)? Manual says nothing, all programs in the machine when I got it leave it on and only have a M9 at the end.

On the few progams I've run so far I've left it on, when the turret unlocks to turn, the coolant stops, I guess this is built in? I need to look at the prints and see If I see a valve in there somewhere.

If I weree to shut it off I think I would need something like a G4X2 to allow coolant to start back up before I could start cutting again or the first part of the cut would be dry. At 1140 IPM the turret gets to the workpeice pretty quick. ( i've been running at 50% so far to be safe for at least the first few parts)

Thank You, Randy

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Randy wrote in news:

Typical to just turn it on at the beginning, off at the end.

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On our Daewoo Puma, leaving the coolant on during a tool change works. It sprays coolant from the rubber connector that runs coolant from the X-axis casting to the turret.

After tool change: M3 on the Z move, M8 on the X move (in that order). The timing works on our machine. Your machine sounds a lot faster so a dwell may be necessary.

Finished with the tool: M9 on the X retract, M5 (if need to stop the spindle for live tool or whatever) on the Z move

I would assume leaving the coolant on during a change could fire crap into the turret's internal workings, though this would depend entirely on the design of the machine.

Sometimes I manually override the coolant-off command during a toolchange to knock out chips lodged under the rubber connector.



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