Lathe "appears" to be fixed

I kept getting turret index errors when the lathe would warm up. I
was looking at the hydraulic schematics to see if there was a speed
adjustment on the turret motor. Does not appear so. So I thought
I'd change the oil fist, I've had the lathe over a year now and I
don't know when the previous owner changed it. Lathe is a 1995
vintage. Seems like I was the first one to ever remove the drain
plug! 10 gallons of new Mobil DTE 24 and so far no turret errors and
the temp here hit 100 yesterday.
Anyone here follow the change oil every 6 months schedule?
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Sure.. Some of our machines are so old that they constantly get oil changes.. When it drips out, we replace it.. lol
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For reference, the generic name for that oil is ISO VG 32 AW
Suggest change the filter, too.
--If there's no filter, probably would be worthwhile to add one at the return side....beware of the requirement for a fairly high flow capacity....
Oh and FWIW, the oil doesn't really go "bad" unless it's been severely overheated-- what really happens here mostly is the EP and AW additives eventually deplete.
Any ways, good to know you got your turret to operate reliably--sometimes the simplist things...
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Randy, I change mine at the first of every year as a part of our PM schedule.
Best, Steve
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Oil appears to have thinned out, At least I think that's why the turret seemed to move too fast and overshoot its mark.
Color looked good, light amber, maybe just a hiar darker than new.
I did clean the cooler when I got the machine it was blocked solid.
No filter, cooler is on the pump pressure releif. Thought of adding one there.
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I'm not all that picky about actual viscosity and in an emergency will sometimes mix if I've unexpectedly run out of the proper grade.
Or a stickey valve that wasn't snapping back to the fully closed position as quickly as it should.
Oh and for future reference--if you suspect a valve you can usually swap over to a different one on the manifold in order to verify...
A fairly high flow rate is the main requirement--I'm not an filter expert but you should be able buy an after-market adapter from your lubricant distributer that accepts a common spin-on filter like those commonly seen on logging equipment, excavators and such.
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Not much flow, even on the whole system I think. cooler is only on the pressure relief port 3/8" or 10mm line I could one if I want. maybe when I have some free time.
I did add a filter to my Ford 4000 tractor on the power steering. Factory pump died, put one on from a Buick, had the lines pointed in the right direction, worked great! Nothern Hydraulics I think is where I got it. 10 micron spin on element.
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Hi it is good to change oil, I also have some older CNC machines giving such problems but not on newer ones tanvon malik
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