CVA 1A Lathe Oils and Capacities

Peter said Gargoyle is a Mobil brand these days, DTE is a compressor oil and still available: SNIP URL

Peter, Thanks.

John said:

Nigel, Do you have the extra lubrication sheets in the book? There are 5 section BP, Esso, Gulf, Mobil and Shell giving all their grades.

You don't need to know the capacities as there are sight glasses on all the levels.

-- John, Thanks also. No I don't have the extra sheets. I was after the quantities so as to avoid having to buy 25l if 5l would do. I had thought of going to somewhere like model oils, unless it was necessary/more sensible to buy in bulk. What with engine oil, thinners, diesel, gas bottles various and some esoteric solvents my workshop is explosive enough without adding 20 l of lathe gearbox oil which probably wouldn't get used up in my lifetime.



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