Chester Cestrian Multifunction Machine - comments?

Hello all, Chester have just started advertising this all-in-one machine on the back page of ME. For the life of me I cannot work out what they mean by 40mm vertical and 70mm horizontal milling capacities - the size of cutters maybe? Can't see ,55 Kw doing much more than a small 3.1/2" loco. Sure won't do my 4" Little Samson wheels :-) Looks an interesting machine in any event. Anyone have any initial thoughts on it? Will be very interesting to get feedback from users. Cheers GeoffH Norfolk - UK not VA

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have just seen this advertised in the latest MEW. Isn't it the Golmatic machine that Pro Machine Tools (who sell Emco/Wabeco stuff) have been selling for a couple of years? Have seen them at the shows and though they look interesting, but have heard very little about them. I would imagine that they suffer the great drawback of all these "multi-function" machines that whenever you want to use it it is configured in the wrong way -and you spend more time converting the machine than doing the little job you wanted to. If you have the space always get seperate machines.



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