Chester 626 mill problems

Hi All,
I have just purchased a Chester 626 Mill. The delivery was a disgrac
but I suppose that's not their fault. The Machine arrived and afte
phoning a friend to use a Hiab to lift off the pallets I put in place
I then tightened the head bolts and one sheared!!! I was not impressed
Now I am an Engineer by trade so consider the force I used to be ver
small and well judged. I phoned Chester today and requested that I mak
my own bolts without voiding warranty rather than new machine like the
suggested. This was agreed. I have now replaced bolt and attache
pictures to show head mount arrangement. I hope this may help others t
decide on a raising block arrangement.
I now have a question regarding vibration. The main pulley is out o
true by 0.5mm! This is causing the whole machine to shudder. Now I a
convinced this will affect finish and accuracy. What do you think? Ha
anyone else had the same thing?
I am going to request a new pulley as when I put a dial gauge on th
shaft it seems fine.
Any help much appreciated
Colin Heat
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A large variance in a main pulley will cause poor finish and/or prematurely wear out the bearings. It needs fixing.
I've never bought a machine from Chester but they seem to be able to be sensible people when approached. You have two choices: 1/ Decide that the machine is worth sorting out properly - and resolve yourself to put some effort in to the task of making it the machine you want. This may involve asking Chester to fix any faults/ supply replacement parts. 2/ Ask Chester to collect it and get your money back.
Which path you choose is entirely dependent upon your circumstances and the effort that you want to put in (and what Chester say to your complaint. I can see that the 626 has certain appeal in it's size and footprint that isn't easily replicated.
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Charles Ping
I've purchased quite a few items from Chester - ranging from a work lamp to a 12" geared head lathe. One or two items had problems which were resolved to my complete satisfaction. I'd keep the machine, accept their offer of a replacement pulley, and keep them appraised if you discover any other problems. I've found them very helpful and understanding.
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