Single Stepping in 88CS

Awl --
Finally figgered out how to use this, when I was really stymied, desperate,
with an errant odd move related to a subroutine. g41-related, of course.
Really helped! Inyone else use this, or is this only for cadcamless
I understand there is a fadal utility ditty that will do tool paths on yer
pc screen. Is this useful, or another bell/whistle?
Is this a bone Fadal would throw me, or will I have to bend over, butt once
Are there other such utilities that are worthwhile?
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Clear out "A" axis offsets whenever the rotary table is not connected or else you will get errors with G41.
You need to have minimum 1400-4 and also a 1420-xx graphic card will be found in slot 7, if the existing bridge card spans across only 2 cards ( instead of three ) then you would need to upgrade above hardware...otherwise simply select "graphics" from the quick keys menu and follow the promps.
Suggest the "sum" command, in this mode the machine doesn't actually move but instead only processes the information--quickly alerts you to any errors that would cause the controller to toss an alarm during cycle
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Uhh Clem
Suggest use search keywords cnc + will probly turn up a ton.
Well it has a zoom function and also you can shift into 3d.....but no it doesnt show shifted cutter comped offset path though so yes a limitation.
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Uhh Clem

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