Where Is The Best Place To Get CADCAM Advice From Experts?

Certainly not here!

Pretty much everyone who is serious about CADCAM has migrated to LinkedIn. There are very good reasons why this has happened!

Consider that it's much better to learn from those actually using CADCAM on a daily basis, and who have decades of hands on CADCAM experience, rather than from clueless idiots who can't talk about the needed specifics of CADCAM.

Clueless CADCAM idiots do things like post about CADCAM because they get a spam e-mail. They think that sharing spam e-mail, on a CADCAM program that they have never used, is doing someone a service. In the particular case I'm referring to, it's not even a 3D CAD program and it has a very bad reputation with many of its former users. What this clueless loser continues to post is noise and uninformed misinformation.

CADCAM Technology Leaders group on LinkedIn passed 1,400 members this week and will probably hit 3,000 members this year. It's easily the best place to discuss CADCAM on the Internet. Its membership reads like a who's who of the CADCAM industry... for damn good reason. The primary reason is that I started it and I run it.

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Jon Banquer
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The primary

lol. Your a legend in your own mind bonquers.

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I see you're still smoking crack.

Both my LinkedIn connections and my LinkedIn group show that when it comes to CADCAM I know my shit cold.

You, on the other hand, still can't figure out the usefulness of Mastercam's wireframe surfacing toolpaths.

You don't even know or care what's coming in DP Technology Esprit 2014. For those that do what to know, and that aren't smoking crack, there is only one place to find that information. Can you guess where that is, Vinny?

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Jon Banquer

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