WTB/Trade .41 Bullet mould

Looking for a .41 SWC (prefered) bullet mould..in the area of 200-240grs
Id consider round nose..but prefer a decent Keith style Semi wad cutter
No Lee multigroove micro yada yada designed for shake and bake lubes.
Unless you can make the case that they lube with alox type bullet lubes
well enough to push to top velocities
Id be interested in swapping for Stuff..other bullet moulds, machine
tools/accessories etc etc
Double cavity prefered..but can live with single cavity. Ive got most
types of handles..but if you got a pair go go with the moulds..Id swap
for em.
Also need lubrisizer die set to fit Lyman bullet lubricator in
Anyone got anything kicking around of this type..Id be interested.
Winter time is here and its bullet casting time again.
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