an Open source instrument database.

I'd like to develop an Open source instrument database.

There would be three points:

  1. Function better than INTOOLS.
  2. Open source, free
  3. Netware,Based on browser/server. No client software required. Just the browser.

Anyone interested? Contact me.

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Hello Wei,

I'm not that familiar with 'INTOOLS' but I'm somewhat familiar with National INstruments suite of tools and SCADA software, in case INTOOLS is similar. Right now a group of professionals and university types are discussing building Open Source tools that provide a feature rich SCADA system and advanced laboratory controls and analysis tools, similar to NI. Take a look at:

formatting link
and you can download the source or a windows 32 installer on
formatting link

To see what is going on. It will be linux centric, but the desire is to have the tools portable to windoze OSes too.

If you are interested, send me a brief synopsis of your coding skills and areas of interest. At this point we are looking for coders with some working knowledge of controls, systems and such.


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From what I have seen Intergraph have the lions share of the market with a product that is well known and integrates easily with other CAD packages. I am not sure of how many users you might end up with for any package you develop.

What don't you like about InTools apart from the price ?

S wrote:

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Steve Y

Hi, Steve, You are correct. Intergraph dominates this market. I have used INtools for a long time. INtools is excellent, The shortcomings of INtools are also clear besides its price. 1. Close code. No chance to be improved by user. 2. Boring client software and configuration. Not suitable for cooperation through Internet. You know, we use citrix or VPN to co-work on a INtools database. It was not a pleasant experience. 3. Bad response of service request. 4. Complicated function with lots of bugs(similar as Windows).


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