Analog I/O to DCS via Modbus TCP

I am looking for an IO system to link with a DCS vis a MB-RTU/TCP. The IO from the DCS is EXTRAMLY costly and I'd like to use something more reasonable in price.

I have some 200 AI and some 120 AO. The remote IO does not need to perform ANY control functionality. It should be a pure IO "server".

I thought of using a PLC as a remote IO - the Momentum line, or Siemens S7-300. I was also thinking about only IO type like IOMEGA and others.

The IO should all fit nicely into a cabinet. Therefore I think that a rack configuration of AI-16 channels and AO-16 channels would fit in nicely.

Any ideas about other options or products are more than welcome.

Thanks a lot, Oren

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Oren Yulevitch
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You haven't told us what flavour DCS you are using. Yes, it *does* make a difference as some can support all Modbus/TCP options - some can't.

If you only want the I/O, there is no point looking at PLCs.

Schneider's Momentum system is a good place to start.

HTH, Cameron:-)

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Cameron Dorrough

Hi Cmeron,

The DCS I talk about is Emerson DeltaV. I am not hooked to any PLC. This is just a compact way of habing all the IOs. If there is another system that can give me the IO in a way that I can arrange them in a cabinet - this is just great. Oren

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Oren Yulevitch

MTL-MOST has a wide range of I/O modules that can transmit using Modbus/TCP


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