Argument passing in HPM/CL

Proprietary details are deliberately omitted in this post to keep me
(hopefully) clear of corporate code-of-conduct issues. Anyone who
In a PM/CL sequence, I'm calling a subroutine as per the following
CALL WAIT_CHK (LIFT123.PV) -- A level PV
WAIT level < 20.0
SET LoLFlag = ON
What is happening is the subroutine holds at the wait, but the value
of level *continues to update*, despite the fact that it is passed in
as an argument, and declared as type NUMBER. This behaviour was
totally unexpected, and there is nothing in the standard platform
documentation about it.
The program is considerably larger than shown, and displays other
irregularities, so we'd like to know for sure whether the behaviour is
to specification, and whether the situation is 'safe'. Don't suppose
anyone can clarify..?
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