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hello. I need information about the application of intelligent control so much because it help me in choosing my new courses in this term.please help me. thanks you very much.

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Could you narrow your question down a bit? Intelligent control in what context? What aspect of it do you wish to understand?

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Herman Family

"Intelligent control" sounds like another sales phrase, as in Foxboro IA. Please explain exactly what you are talking about. The term does not have a standard meaning.


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Walter Driedger

Intelligent control is a vague term, which is very hard to define. Therefore, it is hard to judge a controller if it is intelligent or not. The hardness comes from the word "intelligent" itself, till now there is no specific definition for that word. Anyway, the logical definition of the word "intelligent" is not the question here, but I aimed to notify the vagueness of any combination of words contain this word.

Now, if we merge the control to the intelligent we have the question what is the intelligent controller?

I guess, when people discovered the feed back control for the first time, it was a very intelligent controller in this era, which is very normal in ours.

In my own point of view, the controller will be intelligent if the control task itself is an intelligent task. It is not necessary to have one of the AI techniques within the controller to change the controller to an intelligent one. In other words, some of the traditional control (i.e. PID algorithms) is still working very well and it is really a strong competitor to what people called intelligent controllers. The reason simply, because the control tasks assigned to the intelligent controller is not intelligent tasks.

Using Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, predictive methods, statistical analyses, etc?does not imply that your controller becomes an intelligent one unless you have an intelligent task.

In my own point of view, a controller that, stands alone (without human interaction) and performs a task very hard to achieved by traditional controllers, is an intelligent controller, whatever the techniques it uses.

The above lines do not deny that, some of the applications are working amazingly with one or more of the new (Fuzzy Logic, Genetic or Neural Networks) controllers but that is because of the nature of the control task itself which is hard to be implemented by traditional controllers.

if you like to get more about the intelligent controllers, refer to the application of the fuzzy control and the remaining AI techniques used in the control algorithms. I think the best of Fuzzy Control application site is

formatting link
site is full of tasks based on Fuzzy Logic and working very well.

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Hesham Elhadad

I wish I had 10 cents for every young person I meet who wants to know more about fuzzy/neural/genetic/adaptive or whatever type of control, when they have never even heard of classical frequency domain loop shaping, nor done more than a couple of contrived pen and paper tutorial designs. What are university academics teaching!? No wonder I hear comments about things like digital anti-aliasing filters. The mind boggles!


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Fred Stevens

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