PAS Engineering Studio - Any user experience

Hi there,
I am starting to set up Engineering Studio from PAS and I am finding it very slow going to say the least plus I can't see the payoff yet.
Has anybody any experience of this product. What I particularly would like to hear is something along the lines of "yes its a tuff slog but once you reach point X it is great and well worth it". So far I can't see this benifit.
Note initially we will be just using the alarm management and operator dashboard parts but will be aiming to use the enforcement, shelving and scenario tools eventually.
A couple of things that I don't like / feel uneasy about are;
- The database it generates is massive, at over 700MBytes for a <20,000 alarm plant (actually its 5 connected plants)
- It is very slow in parts
- It doesn't seem to be able to use a client / server type architecture which means that the 700MBytes has to be on your local PC and can't be shared
- It doesn't seem to update the settings correctly when you re-import from the CFF files
- The forms are awkward to fill in with very small text ports
- There seem to be quite a few bugs and glitches
- It doesn't do revision history other than a field on the forms for you to type some free text in
- There is no reporting type facility so you can't get a printout for others to check your work (printout here could be a computer based one, not necessarily a hard copy)
Thanking you in advance for any comments.
Best regards, Mark Evans Merrydown Controlware Limited Hull UK
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