Profibus DP

For a project I'm working on we have to use profibus DP.
The fieldbus topology that the client has setup is a tree structure.
In some documents I can find it's not allowed for DP. In other
documents I don't find this restriction.
So can some one help me out what is possible or not.
Also when it is possible what is the max cable lenght?
Can some one tell me the equipment I have to use for the tree
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In short :
tree structure is not possible for a simple layout. Profibus is linear (daisy-chain) and terminated at both ends.
With the use of repeaters, you can so something like a tree, but at additional cost. Also think of the power supplies you will need at each "branch" to supply the repeaters.
Cable length depends on the required bus speed/throughput. Also here repeaters will help.
For more details please refer to technical documents of your favourite supplier.
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