Weigand to OPC - Impossible?

Does anyone know if it is possible to create an interface to integrate weigand and OPC?

The challenge is to have a remote swipe card reader. Possibly mount the reader on a mobile device and have that communicate back to the controller, but I am told it cannot be done?

Anyone have any info on this or links they want to share?


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John Ferris
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Yes, over RS232/485 and an OPC controller that has serial driver (COM). Most industrial SCADA SW / systems that have VB subset will handle, like CIMplicity and I think Wonderware?

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I can't help with the interfacing details - but do recall that the company I was contracting for some years ago was using Weigand cards to control access to bulk fuel loading (onto roadgoing tankers).

There were red faces all round when close examination proved that the cards failed at relatively mild degrees of sub-zero temperatures - ISTR that it all started to go wrong at about -5 C.

It seems that the magnetic effect that 'works' Weigand was (probably still is ..?) not reliabile in cold climates - don't know if this affects your project...?

Regards Adrian Suffolk UK

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Adrian Brentnall

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