Honeywell DCS GUS Graphics - How to access a controller connection

Hi there,

A few years ago I created a Honeywell DCS native schematic that you could enter a controller tagname into and it would do a drawing of the inputs and output connections (well pulled inputs and pushed outputs). It was quite useful for running through schemes to ensure they had been built correctly.

I would like to create something similar in GUS graphics format however I can't seem to do it. I just get garbage displayed.

So I would like to enter a tag such as TIC123 and it would show me that it had an input of TT123.PV and an output connected to TV123.OP. ie it displays the contents of TIC123.CISRC(1) and TIC123.CODSTN(1).

Note this is a trivial example, this functionality is useful to us in many circumstances.

I cannot translate the native window technique because the actors required are not replicated in GUS graphics (GS_VAR_S).

We have been told (by Big H) that GUS graphics can only access parameters that can be accessed via the tool box native window graphic DATACHNG. We have tried lots of different entries on this graphic but non of them work.

Anyone any ideas?

Thanking you in advance.

Best regards, Mark Evans Merrydown Controlware Limited UK

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