DRO System Mill/Drill

Over a year ago I started hunting for a DRO system for my Mill/Drill! I
looked at everything offered for a system. What I found were 2 key problems
system price was one and other DRO installation.
A Mill/Drill has no built in mounting points for DRO addition unlike many
knee mills. I quickly found that no DRO system seller had any support or
installation design for a Mill/Drill! Scale accuracy of a DRO system is
absolutely dependent on its mounting system. Most reasonably priced system
matched purchase cost my mill/drill and the rest were much higher!
Problems aside I still wanted the major benefits of an instrument based
positioning system, repeatable accuracy and reduced layout time!
Frustration is a great motivator; I ended up hunting the world for a
solution. I eventually located scales that supplied needed quality and
repeatable accuracy. Also now have manufactured an easy to read and use
3-axis LCD display system.
I decided to form these components into a Kit! Put in the time needed to
engineer a rigid mounting system and write an easy to follow installation
guide. My secondary goal for a mounting system was too use existing
fastening points. Complete installation requires only 2 new fastening
Over the past 4 months I have been selling system in limited numbers
primarily on EBay. User input has been very helpful for continued
development! Comments have been enthusiastic on both accuracy and value of
this DRO system. Systems have been installed on machines from RF15 to RF45
and clones. One major need did become apparent in testing many users needed
brackets to be supplied. Those are now included with kit purchase along with
1 year USA Warrantee and installation support. System cost is under $400.00
and can be viewed on EBay Item #3857220019 or
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Kenneth A. Emmert
SMW Precision
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Kenneth A. Emmert
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Yes it is a great system! I just finished installing it on my DM 45 from Penn Tools. I am very pleased with the whole package. Really great bang for the buck :)
Glenn Neff Medford, OR
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What is a DM 45 and where can i see a picture of it and some specs? thanks, Cliff Jobe Lafayette, La. Glenn wrote:
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