DRO for square column mill drill

I talked the lab I work in to purchase a Grizzly square column mill
drill a few months ago, and have been getting more and more use out of it
lately. Given that I'm getting busier and busier lately, I would like to
get a DRO for it, but given that I don't get to use it regularly I hesitate
to spend a lot of money on it, but time is getting harder and harder to come
by so want to find one that's also a simple install. Most DRO's I've come
across are made for mill tables that are a little smaller than this one, so
I'm interested in any guidance anyone could offer on the topic.
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Carl McIver
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I have had the Shooting Star 2 axis DRO on my old 8 X 36 vertical mill for 7 or 8 years now and it works fine. Resolution is 1/2 thou. It is the cheapest one around.
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