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Will it increase friction if bolts are tighten too much? Does it make sense to use a spring under a through bolt?


Yes, but one groove, and one flat might be more compliant of minor > irregularities > > Brian W > > > > >I am trying to build a linear slide system. > > > >The slide(carriage) will consist from two 3"x3" 1/2 thick pieces of Delrin > >or HDPE with two > >parallel grooves for two 1/2 shafts. One plastic piece goes on top another > >on the bottom. > >They are held in place by a couple of through bolts. > > > >Is this going to work? > > > > > >Thanks, > >Alex > > > > > > >
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Yes, increasing through bolt tension will increase friction. Yes, it makes sense to use a spring under a through bolt with a locknut - this will allow a little compliance with temperature related changes and asperities.

Brian w

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Brian Whatcott

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