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I am thinking about using a AC generator in a boat to drive a bow thruster and driven directly off the main engine PTO. Need the power at engine idle, 750rpm, so that would mean an 8 pole generator (50Hz). Also need around 12KW power at the bow thruster end and at 400V - 3 phase.

Any thoughts out there on who might make such a generator???


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I am not an expert on this but start from simpler principles. Your 12KW load is going to be about 20HP by the time you consider conversion and various mechanical losses. You did not say how big you engine is, but that may be a load that the engine does not like to drive at idle. Moreover, the efficiency is likely to be higher at a higher rpm.

Thgink it over.



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Check with Google and see what answers you got last August - should still be as valid now as they were then.


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