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I recently took over as the moderator of the misc.business.product-dev (Product Development) newsgroup. It is my intention to make it into a good resource for all aspects of product development. I am extending an invitation to all of you to check out my newsgroup and see if you like it.

I have set up moderation software, and there are already a few interesting threads, but it would be a huge help if a few more folks would start a few more threads. Once a critical mass is reached the group should become self-sustaining.

Here is how the moderation works:

I will approve your first post (expect a delay until the next time I log in as moderator - I do this several times per day) and will add you to the whitelist so that all future posts by you are autoapproved without delay.

Crossposts to one other non-moderated newsgroup are allowed and welcome. That way you can simply keep posting to your favorite group just as you usually do, but with a larger audience from crossposting misc.business.product-dev. Or you can read the posts in m.b.p-d and see what other prodyuct developers are talking about.

I will reject any trolling, flaming, political/religious posts, etc, but I will not censor posts for content as long as they have at least a marginal connection with product development.

misc.business.product-dev has been a dead group for a while, but I am hoping that I can revive it. I can't do it alone, so I am asking for your help. Thanks!

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