Bouncing cells?

That crazy Ozzie is at it again:

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On a sunny day (Fri, 16 Aug 2013 21:59:11 -0700) it happened DaveC wrote in :

Nice, facinating, I just measured the weight of 3 eneloop AAA cells.

2 good ones measure 11.77 and 11.72 gram, fully charged and one that is bad (high Ri) also charged, measured 12.28 gram ????? Later I will measure one of these good ones when it is empty. The bad one (that is heavier!) bounces more...


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Jan Panteltje

Measure one full. Deplete it, and measure the SAME ONE empty. Sheesh.

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Do not forget to log into your interocitor so you can communicate with Metaluna.

We should fire these batteries through the Bead condenser (model #: AB-619) and see if it can make the observations clearer.

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